Mon Voyage avec Tatou

It’s another mini puzz, friends! Work has been absolutely mad that I really have not had much time or energy for larger puzzles. I picked up a couple Micropuzzles from the thrift shop about a month ago, and decided to pull one of them out for a small puzzle session.

The puzzles come in little plastic test tubes, and they have a screw top lid. You would have likely seen them in souvenir shops and art galleries. I hadn’t ever tried one, and brand new they can be a bit expensive so I was holding out.

I’m not gonna lie… this was a hard puzzle! They image has very subdued colours, and there were a lot of unsure fits, so I had some challenges. Of course I got there in the end and the finished product was pretty sweet.

The puzzle is pretty small, see the next photo with Alomar for scale.

I have to say, it was a bit finicky working with these tiny pieces but once I had everything in the right spot I had a nice sturdy puzzle!

The artist’s name is Delphine Labadan, 150 pieces and complete.