Lady and the Tramp

Ok, so the movie doesn’t hold up, I’m just going to say that right off the bat. This was not huge on my rotation of Disney movies admittedly, I was more of a Little Mermaid fan.

This is another vintage Springbok 100 piece puzzle from 1977. I bought it simply for that reason. Another 44 year old puzzle.

There’s a Simpsons episode which spoofs a few Disney movies. Santa’s little helper meets a neighbourhood dog that he falls in love with and they have puppies. Mr. Burns then steals the pups like Cruella Devil and sings a song about his unethically sourced fur and animal clothing to the tune of Be our Guest from Beauty and the Beast. It’s pretty high up there on my list of great Simpons episodes.

Santa’s Little Helper and his girlfriend also share some spaghetti in an alley by Luigi’s restaurant, but they end up growling over the last of the meal rather than kissing. It’s pretty hilarious and probably more accurate.

This little puzz is 100 pieces and complete!