Cat-ology – Jess

Something about this puzzle really pulled me in. I can’t explain why, honestly. Its really just a cat puzzle but I saw it on Bunz and knew that I wanted to trade for it!

The brand is called MasterPieces, the Tetris puzzle that I did a few months ago was also manufactured by them. The artist is Geoffrey Tristram and I’m guessing the Jess here is one in a series.

There was a definition on the front of the box for Cat-ol-o-gy.

1. MasterPieces defines CAT-ol-o-gy as the “unofficial study of our furry feline friends through the whimsical art of Geoffrey Tristram”.

2. Observe how cats are always the masters of their world…. And their master’s world.

3. Note how cats confidently take their place directly in the centre of our lives, not to be ignored, unless of course they choose to be. CAT-ol-o-gy. It is definitely a lifelong study, but really…. who is studying whom?

500 pieces and complete.