Alligator Alley

When I was about 11 or 12, I had 2 puzzles that were manufactured by the Great American Puzzle Factory. One was called Marine Mammals of the Northern Hemisphere and the other was called Penguins at the Beach. I did these puzzles on repeat, I loved them so much!

Especially Penguins at the Beach, which I actually recently purchased on EBay to add to my collection. The artist was Susan Sturgill, readers you’ll see the penguin puzzle soon, I’ve been saving opening it 🙂

Imagine my surprise when I found Alligator Alley by Susan Sturgill manufactured by the Great American Puzzle Factory at a thrift shop a few months ago! I was thrilled!

This is similar to my penguin puzzle, full of tiny details and similar colours, animals placed in a human setting.

I had so much fun with this, finding all the details and slowly seeing the image come to completion. The pieces are cut randomly too, so that adds a little bit of difficulty to the puzz.

I love the server with the loaded tray! And there’s one snake at the bar reading a menu.

No diner is complete without the disgruntled dishwasher and employee mopping the floor! I feel like this is so nineties, the American style retro diners, the nostalgia for these types of settings. I think in 90210, they used to go to a retro diner too. Here in Vancouver, a little cafe called Sophie’s was all the rage, and the Sunshine diner on Broadway was also a popular choice for me. Memories 🙂

This puzzle is about 550 pieces, and is complete!

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