Candy Coated Chocolates

A sweet find from the thrift shop last week! A 1981 Great American Puzzle Factory 500 piecer of Candy Coated Chocolates, or as they’re known in Canada, Smarties!

I assembled this one for Halloween, because it reminded me so much of my childhood! Coming home with my candy bounty and organizing it all in piles on the living room floor, counting how many of each particular chocolate bar I got. Kind of like a candy spreadsheet if you will.

I paid extra attention to the Smarties, Crunch bars and KitKats. Those were my absolutely favourites. I loved Smarties because it just felt like you were getting so much more chocolate than in all the other little bite sizers.

Strangely, this puzzle had an extra piece that really looked like it belonged to this puzzle, but it didn’t fit anywhere. Maybe the previous owner had the same puzzle with different cuts? There were also three pieces missing, but I was ok with that.

This was manufactured by the same company that made my Sportshoes puzzle, just three years later, I picked this up because I knew how fun that other puzzle is. Guess what I’ve got in the cupboard?? A mini box of Smarties!