Austrian Sleigh Ride

Well, friends, we’ve got another Tuco puzzle on our hands. I’ve tried to explain about the tripl-thick pieces and to this date had never seen the following description on the box about the magic of their pieces.

Thick, easy-to-handle, wood-like pieces. Made of Upson laminated wood fibre board.

Assembling these puzzles is just like putting together a wooden puzzle. It’s such a treat, so much so, that at first I wasn’t too keen on this picture. I grabbed it, because you just don’t leave these puzzles behind!

This is so Austrian! I love it so much and what really makes me love this picture even more is…. Who is this woman incognito in the very corner of the picture?

She’s dressed like a Bond villain! How fabulous is that?!

I love the cut of these puzzles too! When I was taking this apart, I had to pause and take this photo. The interlocking bits hold together so well, that you can hold it out in long snake-like pieces.

This puzzle is about 500 pieces and complete.