Impossipuzzle – Candy Cane

Released by Funtime Gifts Ltd. based in London UK.

A 100 piece mini puzzle of Candy Canes, I would have never picked this up if it were more than 100 pieces, what a dizzying image.

There is a “Christmas Puzzle Along” happening on Instagram with puzzlers around the world. It’s been pretty fun, chatting with people and talking puzzles and holidays. A lot of people have puzzle advent calendars which seem pretty cool, but may possibly take up a lot of space? That’s just my initial thought.

Anyway, onto the puzz, the quality wasn’t awesome, but also not terrible. Really just mid tier puzzle quality, this made for a fun morning at the kitchen table with my coffee, chatting with some puzzlers on Instagram and puzzling.

How do we feel about Candy Canes? I personally don’t love them, I used to enjoy the cherry flavoured ones as a teenager but I bet I would find them way too sweet now. I have watched a couple of videos explaining how they get made, and I do think that’s actually pretty interesting!

That’s a lot of Candy Canes! This was 100 pieces, found at Value Village and complete!

Leave a comment and let me know what type of Candy cane is your favourite…. (also if you make peppermint bark!)

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