The Whisky Lovers Jigsaw Puzzle

Joe really likes Whiskey, so when I saw this puzzle I thought this would be the perfect afternoon puzzle for us to do together.

I’d never tried this brand before, it’s made by Ridley’s Games, you can find them all over the place. In trendy type gift shops, you’ve definitely seen them around. We were browsing around in Value village on New Years Eve and had the rest of the day to relax and listen to records.

And do this puzzle of course!

We assembled the puzzle in a few hours together. I learned a little bit more about whiskey from around the world, what type of ingredients are used, different cocktails, it was pretty fun.

I personally can’t drink too much whiskey anymore unfortunately. But I do remember loving it, my favourite cocktail was a Manhattan.

This was a five hundred piece puzzle with one piece missing.

Please enjoy this photo of Alomar sitting beside the puzzle.