To Bean or Not to Bean

Dear readers,

I know you must be thinking by now, that I couldn’t possibly still be excited by jigsaw puzzles. Here is where I let you know, that even though I assemble puzzles pretty often, like, very often, I still really enjoy it!

Some puzzles definitely have me more excited than others but that’s to be expected. “To Bean or Not to Bean” is for sure one of those puzzles. This is a puzzle I never thought that I would find out in the wild, never mind for $2.99!

I’ve seen this gorgeous puzzle on the old fliers inside other Springbok puzzles and just sighed. I figured that I would eventually cave and buy on off of Etsy or eBay but on a recent trip the Victoria Drive Value Village in east Van, I found it! I’ve tried to put myself on a bit of a puzzle purchasing diet but I had to bend the rules for this one. Surely Joe would understand!

I assembled it almost right away because I had to know if it was complete. The box is in really great shape so I was hopeful, and well … as you can see in the photos, it was indeed complete, plus the actual puzzle is in brand new condition. What a treasure!

This was released in 1981, one year older than I am, and I am never letting this one go 🙂