Vintage Hawaii

A few years ago my friend Barb sent me a puzzle for my birthday, with cool vintage airstream trailers all over it. This was a new to me brand of puzzles called Hennessy Puzzles.

I don’t see them very often, but about 6 months ago I spotted one in the kids section at Value Village. It wasn’t even with the other puzzles! I really enjoyed the last one, so I thought I’d pick up this one, Vintage Hawaii.

Barb was a dancer in the Vancouver community too and we had worked on the 2006 Olympics closing ceremonies project together. There were nine dancers in total for that piece and two of them were my good friends and two I had worked with as a teacher a few years beforehand. This project was when Barb and I got really close.

We were working in this warehouse space in the North Vancouver that used to be where they built ferry ships, it was massive (and cold, and concrete!) But they used it because it was one of the only spaces that would be about as big as the stage in Turin.

All I have to say is good thing I was 24, I was young and honestly didn’t realize how unsafe that was! The whole crew flew to Italy for about a week, we had 1 or 2 rehearsals and a couple meetings but we really had a lot of free time. I didn’t see any of the events but we walked around, ate the most delicious food and saw Ricky Martin, which was honestly great! Even though I’m not a fan, he put on a great show.

Since then, Barb and I have stayed close friends, we spent about 4 months in Germany together in 2010 and she stayed with me whenever she came back to town. She is truly a gem. We sadly, don’t see much of each other these days, as she moved back to Edmonton and has a son there but we send each other mail and see each other whenever we can.

This particular Hennessy puzzle was 1000 pieces, complete and super fun. I love this brand!