No. 950

Well, this here is a first for me.

A beautiful vintage puzzle in a tin, a very sturdy, hard to open tin. We had friends come to visit in July for a couple weeks and we headed to Vancouver Island with them. We hung around Victoria for a couple of days and mostly just chatted, enjoyed the parks, and walked around. We also took a trip to Value Village, that VV always has a few gems and we all like digging so we checked it out.

I had actually found a nice vintage Springbok (which I kind of wish I brought home with me) but thought that their puzzle game this time around wasn’t that great. As I was waiting for everyone, I decided to do another sweep of the puzzles and there it was… a round tin. I thought that maybe it was some other kind of toy but sure enough it was a Somerville Games round puzzle. no. 950.

I’ll be honest, I bought it for the tin.

I’ve been on a huge puzzle kick lately, I just can’t stop! So I pulled this one out the other day and assembled it. It was a loose fit and many times, it was hard to tell if I had the right connection but once it was finished, it was so pretty! It’s missing one piece on the edge but I’m ok with that.

The boys loved the tin, they were super curious!

I love how reflective it is! It’s in really good shape, if I were to guess, I would say this probably comes from the 1960s.