I picked up this mini puzzle because I thought it would be pretty easy. I like to assemble a mini puzzle in the morning sometimes when I’m having coffee and just getting started. I also had no idea that it was a glow in the dark puzzle! (Which I was not able to photograph very well).

Well, first off, I got really excited when I realized that it was a glow in the dark puzzle! It was pretty simple, the letters glowed and some of the stars. Regardless, I find glow in the dark things exciting. As a total aside, I had Doc Martens as a kid that had glow in the dark soles, I thought they were AMAZING!

Second…. This was not an easy puzzle! I think it took me about an hour and forty five minutes to finish! A 300 piece puzzle usually takes maybe half that time at the most? The fit was very loose, and the actual constellation section, super hard!

The puzzle had never been opened when I picked it up, so it was complete. I had never seen this brand before, Appleone – I believe they are a Japanese brand, they actually make a lot of glow in the dark puzzles.