Birds of the Seasons

During the Christmas holidays, I cleaned out some of our book collection. My friend who lives down the street, also enjoys a mystery read now and then. So she took some of the mystery novels that I was getting rid of. I had also recently cleared out some puzzles of mine.

When I arrived, she had this puzzle in hand. I have really been trying to get through the many puzzles that I’ve picked up from the thrift shops. And here was another one, and we all know that I can’t say no to a puzzle!

I actually really enjoyed putting this together, it was a nice challenge but not an impossible puzzle. There was consistent progress, and that to me is the most addictive type of puzzle. There’s plenty of motivation to keep going and you have to tear yourself away from it.

There were a few pieces missing, so I didn’t feel bad about giving it up after I finished it. 🙂

It was missing a total of 7 pieces, but as you can see in the photo above, it had an extra piece. Which was also from a Cobble Hill puzzle.