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An early summer day in 2021, Joe and I decided to head over to the thrift store. Joe had found an entire collection of vintage country records, about 80 of them. And me? Well I found a factory sealed Tenyo 4000 piece puzzle!

We were waiting in line with our armfuls of stuff and two of our friends actually spotted us, when we turned around… the look on their faces was pure amazement! We don’t normally have so much in hand to purchase but we both scored big time that day.

Tenyo, is a Japanese brand that I have heard nothing but great things about. I’d heard the quality was awesome, and that they are hard to get here in this part of the world. They seem to release a lot of Disney images, but not in the typical style, which I’m sure you can see in this one. I was super excited to finally get to try one out for myself!

I’m not gonna lie, this sat in our apartment, untouched for quite some time. I kept procrastinating because I knew it was going to be pretty big and I was trying to brainstorm a strategy for actually completing the puzzle.

Finally, an opportunity came up. A puzzle chat group that I’m part of on Instagram was going to do an over 1500 piece puzzle along. We chat, we share photos and overall send encouraging words when we’re feeling a bit daunted. It’s a pretty fun group!

I opened up the first bag of 2000, thankfully this was separated into 2 bags. I sorted out all my pieces and got to work. I decided not to do the edge first, it was basically all black space pieces, way too hard to start with. I started with the triplets, Huey, Louie and Dewey. (which, we looked it up… is short for Deuteronomy. Louie is short for Louis. I find that hilarious!)

Overall, the first half took me a week to complete, which I then broke up into smaller squares and stashed back in the box so I had the space to start the second section. I cracked open the second bag of pieces the next day. The trick is to keep the momentum going (for me at least).

The second bag actually felt easier but it took more time, because I had a busy week and had to work some of the evenings, so it finally finished it about a week and a half later.

I assembled the final picture on the floor and she was gorgeous! I’m really not a big Disney fan but there was something about the colours, and composition, it was just so pretty. Needless to say, I took a lot of photos.

Each character is dressed as a different astrological symbol, Minnie Mouse is my sign, Virgo.

Did Tenyo live up to the hype? Absolutely! This was such a great experience, not a single misfit, great colour saturation, fairly snug fit and not a single piece stuck together upon opening the bags brand new. If you can…. Get a Tenyo!

4000 pieces, complete and found at Value Village.

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