Putt-Putt Puzzle

Robert Blair Martin or Bob Martin was an artist that Springbok published quite a few puzzle versions of his artwork. I’ve already posted a couple of them. Jigsaw Jamboree, Verticalville and now this one – Putt-Putt Puzzle.

His drawings are cartoon-like, often featuring stacked images, they are busy and there is a lot of detail to take in. I think that this mini golf course is my favourite so far.

I really like all the blues and greens and I guess I just enjoy golf more than I thought! There are cheesy golf jokes in the puzzle and a lot of the course had me reminiscing about the various places and times in my life that I have gone to mini golf.

When Joe and I visited Berlin in 2017, we went to Tempelhof, which is the old closed down airport in the city. It’s a really great place to visit, you can ride your bike for ages down the tarmac and it’s kind of been turned into a public park over there. When we visited there was an artist created mini golf course. It was so fun and creative, we putted into old broken machinery and into (empty) toilets, it was so funny!

This course looks a lot more upscale than the Tempelhof course, ha ha! I believe this puzzle dates back to about 1985 though I can’t be be certain, apparently there were two releases of this particular puzzle. It is good!

Over 500 pieces and complete.

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