Fancy Feathers

I absolutely love this puzzle entitled Fancy Feathers by Springbok puzzles. They release some real gems, that’s for sure!

The painting is by an artist named Raul del Rio, and I have to say that his paintings are so perfect for puzzles! So bright and colourful, naturally, I also love the fact that this is a rainforest scene featuring some gorgeous birds.

What can I say? I am a sucker for rainforest scenes, probably my favourite type of puzzle illustration. I can’t even say why that is. I suppose the idea of that lush green forest, hearing all the insects and birds, I know it would be way too hot and muggy for me to handle though.

I do prefer cooler temperatures that’s for sure! These scenes just seem so peaceful, I love them.

This puzzle was released in 1991, and it has a pretty snug fit. Strangely that era of Springbok has this kind of fit, almost too solid, you really have to press the pieces in. By the time I was finished with this, my fingers were a little sore!

We can still admire how beautiful this is though. 500 pieces and complete.