Classic Paperbacks

Sometimes, I go work in North Vancouver at my employer’s house. Working from home isn’t always ideal for me, if the cats aren’t sleeping they are in my space and always getting on my keyboard.

Otto has proven himself to be a bit of an IT genius! He once turned my computer on airplane mode, he’ll brighten the screen and adjust the volume. It’s adorable but it can also really be a challenge.

Needless to say, it’s nice to either get to head into the office downtown, or head over to North Van for a feline free workday.

What does this all have to do with a puzzle? Well, the last time I went over there, I was presented with this puzzle! Their son really likes to go thrift shopping and they found this puzzle and thought of me.

This was a super fun one to put together, searching for each book cover and then assembling all the little puzzle islands together. All in all, I worked on this for an evening when Joe had gone out with some friends.

The publishing company is called Princeton Architectural Press, the artist showcased is Richard Baker. He paints still life scenes and often paints books, showing their wear and tear from past readers. I think that’s a pretty neat concept!

I have only read a couple of these books and have one in my “to read” pile.

This puzzle was 1000 pieces, a gift and complete.