Bee Creative

This fancy bird puzzle was a birthday gift from my good friend Barb. She had sent this and a lovely candle out from Edmonton. Clearly, I’ve been on a tropical bird theme lately, I finished Fancy Feathers and basically moved right on to this one.

Now, I can’t actually see a title for the puzzle on the box, which is honestly a first for me. Bee Creative is the name of the brand and manufacturer.

This was an Amazon purchase, that I know, but that is all that I know.

This was a pretty engaging puzzle to put together, lots of great colour separation and the pieces were very unique for being a ribbon cut so there was never a point where I significantly slowed down.

I will say that the puzzle pieces felt a bit funny, slightly chemically? I’m sure that the more it gets handled it’ll feel less so.

Overall, I enjoyed this, had some nice memories of when Barb lived in Vancouver, though I must say that I’m not sure the kitties approve of all the bird puzzles!

1000 pieces and complete!