Friends, I have found the unicorn of contemporary puzzles. A brand called Cloudberries out of the UK is a favourite amongst many puzzlers out there on the internet. I have never seen them being sold brand new in Vancouver and they are very expensive to get shipped here. More than I can spend on a puzzle, that’s for sure!

I popped into Value Village on my way home from work the other day and what did I find?? Cloudberries’ most popular puzzle design in the 2000 piece version. Gradient, which was always the one that I was drawn to. I had resigned myself to probably never finding one in the thrift store and one day purchasing a puzzle for myself as a treat. Well, I guess I was wrong!

It was a little beaten up, there were some discolourations on the box, like it got something oily on it? Maybe someone put some chips directly on their box or something 🙂

There was also this one piece that had clearly been stolen by a furry friend, how thoughtful that the previous owner included it in the box, ha ha! I suppose that technically this puzzle was complete.

For a 2000 piece puzzle, I got through this one really quickly! Gradient puzzles are just so much fun, they are calming, satisfying and a little addictive. You’ll start on one colour and before you know it, you’ve passed through two colours without even noticing how far you’ve progressed!

How stunning is that?! I just love it, and it looks so impressive in the larger size. I was so happy that I finally got to try this brand out. I do think that I will eventually buy this for myself, this is some top quality puzzling.

Ahhh, perfect, once I got that last piece in!

The green section is where I really slowed down, in the full picture you tell that the previous owner did as well. A lot of the paper is peeling up at the nubbins. But I did get through it!

I was able to pick this puzzle up! That’s how solid the piece fit was, what an indicator of good quality. I do love how it looked after I put it back down on the floor.

This was 2000 pieces, technically complete, though also technically missing one piece and my very first Cloudberries puzzle. I seriously hope that I find more of them in the future. Please enjoy another pretty Gradient photo.

And another one!

It’s so big!