World Map Puzzle

I came across this sweet little vintage educational wood puzzle a few months ago at the thrift store. This little child is working pretty hard, and is super adorable.

I hadn’t ever found a plywood puzzle before, it was lightweight, and the pieces had a satisfying clink when they tumbled out of the box. If I were to guess, this was maybe a 1960s or 70s puzzle? It still had the USSR, so definitely predates the 90s.

I pulled out the felt puzzle mat, because wood puzzles always require a little bit of a stickier surface to work on, to avoid pieces slipping all of the place.

As you can see, the puzzle was missing one piece. But I enjoyed spending some time with this puzzle. It was manufactured by a company called Victory, 150 pieces and missing the one.

Victory Plywood puzzles were manufactured in England and the company started up in 1927, they were very popular by the 50s and 60s, being sold in department stores all over.

By the 1970s, they had vanished.