Computers: The Inside Story

Another masterpiece by artist Robert Blair Martin, Computers: The Inside Story.

As you can no doubt tell by the pieces, this is a Springbok puzzle. A puzzle that still had the little slip of paper guaranteeing the Springbok quality. It’s about the size of your fortune inside a fortune cookie.

There was also a proof of purchase/advertising slip from 1982 inside the box, you may recognize my beautiful rainbow Jelly Beans puzzle – To Bean or not to Bean in the list of classics there.

I absolutely love these gems, they just feel like a little piece of puzzle history!

Now, let’s get to the puzzle, this whole picture is based off of the joke; Why did the chicken cross the road?

Above, you will find a list of suggestions from all the little workers inside the early computer. Let’s visit some of the departments inside, shall we?

My personal favourite, the Brainstorm Department. This is basically what I pictured as a kid when someone would say brainstorm.

Calculations, Memory Bank, Memorabilia and Data Delivery.

Thinking Cap Recharging.

And, of course Software Storage.

This interpretation of computers feels like such a moment in time. They were still new and certainly not as common in the regular household, that words like software, hardware, memory etc. brought certain images to mind. I love this puzzle so much, it is for sure staying in the permanent collection.

Even Alomar wanted to get in on the puzzling with me. Look at his massive paw!

This puzzle is 1000 pieces, dates back to 1982 and was complete!

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