Road Chief

Joe came home one day after a trip to the thrift store with a treasure! He found a Liberty Wooden Puzzle, 512 pieces, too!

These puzzles are not cheap, they retail for about 115 dollars, plus they need to ship from Boulder, Colorado. I probably wouldn’t even have noticed this puzzle, but Joe just has such a good eye for these sorts of things.

The image is pretty cool, it’s called Road Chief by an artist named Taralee Guild. This made for a good challenge, wooden puzzles in general are harder just due to the wild shapes you’ll see, but the picture was pretty challenging!

In that pile of pieces, you may see a couple people shaped pieces. A lot of wooden puzzles have what are dubbed “whimsy” pieces. But really I just call them special shaped pieces, this one had plenty!

There were dancers, birds, flowers, fleur de lis types shapes, you name it. This was such a fun puzzle to assemble! The weather has been unseasonably cold here and we just decided to stay home and hang out over the weekend. Joe cracked open this box and that campfire smell just hit me. I finished my row (I was knitting) and joined in.

Then he put on the baseball game and I was fully immersed by that point. I had to finish it the same day, it was that fun. When I dropped that last piece in it’s place, I had a sore neck and a happy puzzlers heart! This was a very special puzzle.

I managed to flip it over and I can’t decide which side is more beautiful! This cut is just gorgeous. What a treasure. 512 pieces and complete.

I’m not certain that I’ll ever buy one brand new, because that’s an investment but I will have to keep my open for more treasures at the thrift store. If it happened once, it can happen again!

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