Dogs in the Park

I giggled a lot during the assembly of this puzzle. These goofy dogs, just having a great time in the park!

Sometimes Joe and I watch the dogs in the dog park down the street, they are so hilarious. We give them voices and make up conversations between the dogs, it’s a fun outing.

Please see the next few photos for my favourite dogs. the Corgi above.

The little one who looks like he’s gonna lick the grey dogs butt.

And the one with the fluffy fly away ears!

This was an Eeboo puzzle, the second one I’ve ever done. And I have to be honest, the 500 piece one was a much better experience than this one. There just didn’t seem to be that much variation in the piece cut, so I had a lot of misfits unfortunately.

This one was 1000 pieces, complete and has since been passed on to its new owner who has a dog.