Modern Artists

This is a new brand for me – the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. I spotted this puzzle a couple weeks ago at the thrift store and I was very intrigued. I love learning about more artists so this one was kind of perfect for that!

As you can see, the puzzle is arranged in a sort of grid, which definitely makes a puzzle much easier, but I find it really fun, too! I went colour by colour, each colour had about 8-10 faces, so that made for plenty of options per colour group.

The brand looks like they specialize in neat, quirky gifts. They have a small collection of puzzles, this one looks like the only one of theirs that I would personally choose, but they have a good range that would appeal to a lot of different people.

For a company that doesn’t specialize in puzzles, I was pleasantly surprised. The quality felt similar to Galison, with that paper backing, (which is ok, in my opinion). And the top of the puzzle was a smooth matte finish, I didn’t really have too much trouble with shine or glare which is always a treat.

Glare is not a deal breaker for me, though, I know a lot of puzzlers really hate it. To me, it’s just a difference. You may have to move around a bit more to see what you’re looking at, or bring a section closer to you so you can see. No big deal!

This puzzle was 1000 pieces, found at Value Village and complete. This was a fun, relaxing puzzle to do, I’ve been working a lot lately, and I love assembling these easy puzzles to help relax my mind!