Sometime last year, I found a great haul of puzzles from Value Village. All three had been some coveted puzzles that I had always thought looked so cool when I saw them on other puzzlers’ Instagram pages.

You may remember this photo of Otto posing with the found puzzles. I have already posted about the Sol LeWitt double sided puzzle and the Simpsons 250 piece puzzle. So the only one left to cover is the stunning Rainbow puzzle featuring the artwork of Shelley Davies, released by Cobble Hill.

I wasn’t sure if it would have all the pieces, 2000 pieces is a lot to keep track of! But I took a chance because I knew this puzzle picture would be so much fun to work on.

There are so many details and fun little objects hidden in this gradient, collage, photo. I imagine that this piece of art must have been so much fun to make. I’ve seen a behind the scenes of the creation, she arranged all of these colourful items until they were perfectly placed and then snapped a perfectly focused photo.

I thought this was a perfect puzzle to feature on my blog for PRIDE month, a lovely rainbow collection of colours! I started with the yellow and moved over to the greens, then back over to orange, red, and pink. And wrapped it up with purple then blue.

I know everyone is wondering…. Lina…. Was it complete?!

It certainly was! And the final puzzle was beautiful, I really enjoyed working on this puzzle, I love collages, and working on tiny little details, there are so many fun discoveries along the way.