Wave of the Future

Sometimes I wonder, have I done and found all of the cool puzzles? will the supply ever run out? Then I find yet another unbelievably cool puzzle, and think to myself, well this must be it!

From NorDevCo comes Wave of the Future, from their Hi-Tech series (are there more amazing vintage computer graphic art puzzles??)

Taking Hokusai’s masterpiece and slowly morphing it into a computer graphic image. I can’t describe how in love with this puzzle I am, when assembled, the colours are so vibrant and the artwork is impressive.

The wave and the other side of the puzzle were fairly quick and intuitive to puzzle, I only slowed down in the centre which was sort of a pixelated, coloured tile motif. All in all, this was a pretty simple puzzle, but so engaging and beautiful!

I’m definitely not letting go of this puzzle because I’ve never really seen a puzzle quite like this before. I do have to be careful with it though, the fit is a little bit more snug than other NoDevCo puzzles I’ve done before, so when taking it apart, I have to watch the paper doesn’t peel too much off the tabs. It’s already start to peel a bit but I can glue bits down over time. This one is way too special to pass on.

This I definitely a vintage puzzle, going to guess early 1980s, it’s 600 pieces and complete. I just couldn’t stop taking photos!