On the Moon

This little puzz was the very first Eeboo puzzle that I ever found at the thrift store. Finding this made me very hopeful that I would start seeing some larger pieces count puzzles by them at the thrift shop.

And sure enough, I did! This little puzzle is 36 pieces, naturally for kids, but I thought the picture was really cute so I grabbed it!

Just a bunch of little astronaut animals on the moon, hahahaha. I find this hilarious, their little helmets, the tiny space ship, did they all fit in there in the first place?

Important research!

I brought this little puzzle out one day after work, with an afternoon coffee, note Otto and Alomar on my mug! They look very discerning, Joe made this mug for me and my Oma for Christmas a couple of years ago and I love it!

36 pieces, found at Value Village and it was still sealed!