Autumn at Saruiwa, 1949

I love when I find puzzles that I’ve been specifically looking for at the thrift store, it happens a lot more than you might expect! I think I saw this puzzle on Instagram and I was so struck by how gorgeous it was. I knew it would be such a fun and relaxing one to piece together too.

It’s a Pomegranate, it’s a 500 piece (which are a lot easier than their 1000 piece ones) and it’s so pretty!

The artists name is Kawase Hasui, they focused on painting landscapes of Japan’s countryside. This particular painting is from 1949, sticking true to my era! I’m always so drawn to art from the 30s and 40s and I can’t really explain it.

I love the use of the contrasting colours, and the fading of the blues. I also love how this feels like such a colourful painting but then you realize that there are really only three colours that were used, plus grey and black.

You can just imaging walking along this road, with all the colours of autumn all around you, what a delight! This beauty is 500 pieces, released by Pomegranate Artpiece, one of my personal favourites and it was complete!