Candy Apple Fantasy

What can I say? This puzzle has been on my “one day” list for a few years. I never thought I’d find it at a thrift store and I was certain that I’d have to buy it online someday.

Who has a dream about candy apples? And look at these hilarious dancing Candy apple illustrations. So perfectly kitsch and Springbok-esque.

Well friends, guess what? I found it at the thrift store about a month ago. I also don’t know how many of you out there are thrifters, but maybe you’ve noticed that Value Village prices are a little bonkers? It’s used stuff, you should not be charging 15 dollars for a used puzzle! There’s no guarantee that it’s complete!

Ok, rant is finished, so yes the prices are a little high but this one was priced at $3.99!

This was definitely a challenging puzzle, but it was so fun and I just couldn’t stop. I would have definitely stayed up way too late if it weren’t for Joe reminding me what time it was. This was just way too fun.

This is from the Grand Master series, you may actually be able to see in the photo above, that the pieces are actually a grid cut. Not our classic random cut shapes, at first I was a bit disheartened but I soon got over it, and it was actually very helpful while puzzling.

But, you might notice something else too! If you look above, the photo of the box on top of the finished puzzle you might see that the image has been flipped, the light splashes are on the other side of the apples and the shading on the sticks are too. What a sneaky little trick that was!

I did the puzzle without referencing the box, because I wasn’t sure if it was a totally different photo with the light source on the other side or if it was an exact mirror image. Either way, it was so engaging and it looked so cool when finished.

Was it complete, Lina? why yes, it is, and what a beauty it is.