Summer Night

What a beautiful, peaceful scene by artist Abraham Hunter. I really want to go camping! It’s never quite as isolated as this scene but it’s still so fun!

I hope to be able to go camping at least once this summer, I just love sitting by the fire at night, and being surrounded by all the lush green plants you can find in BC forests. The smell of forests, campfires, and lakes or waterfalls, it’s so amazing.

I haven’t really talked too much about this on my blog just yet, but Joe and I are moving in the fall, all the way across the country to Nova Scotia!

I’m really excited to see more of the east coast, and experience the forests over there, they’ll be so different and I’m sure beautiful in their own special way. I know that I’ll be posting more about the big move in the months to come, as we’re not too far off now! Stay tuned!

This stunner is 1000 pieces, by Cobble Hill, found at Value Village (which has since burned down!) and it was complete.