Church at Ramsau, near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, West Germany

I mentioned in my last post that the nearby Value Village had recently burned down. It did! I didn’t see it, but our friends did, and what a huge fire it was! The photos were intense. I went there a lot as I’m sure you could guess by all of the puzzles I’ve found over the years. We’re quite sad that it’s gone, and it’s just a burned out wreck, when you pass by it.

On a recent trip there, I found a vintage Jumbo puzzle, I’d never really done a jumbo puzzle except for one mini Wasgij. Puzzle, that I think is manufactured by Jumbo, if I’m not mistaken.

As you can see above, the title of the puzzle is very long! Plus it mentions West Germany, so it definitely pre-dates the nineties. I’m going to guess that it’s from the early eighties.

As you can see above, the puzzle is made in Holland, the feel of the pieces was very similar to vintage Ravensburger pieces. However, I actually had a lot of misfits! The image was a landscape photo that was full of trees, so it was a little hard to tell if I was correct with my placement until,I’d realize a bit later that I was definitely not on the mark!

I will say…. This puzzle came with a surprise, when I opened it up, I thought “hmmm that’s looks like a lot more than 260 pieces!

And you can see that this little puzz is missing 8 pieces. Stay tuned for next weeks post to see what the surprise was!