The Rolling Stones “Some Girls”

Joe picked this out on a trip to Value Village a while back. I’m so glad he spotted it, I would have missed it for sure, but naturally he has an eye for album covers.

A puzzle by Suns Out from 1997, featuring the original album art from the Rolling Stones’ album called Some Girls. The title track has some not so good lyrics but we listened to the record when we put this puzzle together and there are some pretty good songs on this one.

The puzzle was missing 8 pieces I believe, and the printing quality was a little blurry which made for a few challenges during the assembly. But we still had a nice time working on this one together.

There’s the second version of the album artwork, without the famous faces (I guess?)

This was 500 pieces, missing 8 and has been given to a little free library down the street for someone else to enjoy. It also had an extra piece that totally looked like it belonged to this puzzle but a slightly different hue, sort of teal rather than green. Who know what that piece was for?