Ocean of Paradise

A Springbok treasure from 1991 – Ocean of Paradise – 1500 pieces of a lovely underwater scene.

These Springbok larger piece count puzzles are huge! I’ve had this one for a while and procrastinated assembling it simply because I knew how much space it would take.

I had to layer the pieces three times, which did make it a bit challenging getting started. I pulled some of the more distinctive patterns and bits of the puzzle, like the colourful fish and coral, the island, a spotty yellow fish.

I basically ended up with a few islands that I could slowly connect, over a week. Then on a weekend day where I knew I didn’t have to do anything I set it all out on our dining table and filled in all the gaps.

This definitely was not going to fit on any of the foam board pieces that I have. Once the puzzle was all assembled, I transferred it to the floor and took my photos. Then… I took it all apart!

Joe found this for me at a little free library down the street one evening. I love the picture, I always imagine all the creatures that might be swimming just under the surface.

The puzzle was missing just two pieces, which I think is pretty impressive for a 30 year old puzzle. The quality was also so good, sometimes Springboks are hit and miss, the fit can either be a bit loose or even too tight. The fit on this one was so perfect, it was super fun!