Sinister Smorgasbord

Back in August, before Joe and I moved to Halifax, we stayed in a lovely little A-Frame cabin on the Sunshine Cost with our friends. It was such a nice getaway, we cooked, went to breweries, and walks, and just generally hung out.

We also went to a couple of the thrift stores where I picked up this weird Mystery Puzzle by Canada Games. The book inside the puzzle was so long, so I didn’t read it in full, but the general gist was there was a murder at some consulate at a luncheon somewhere and the puzzle would help the puzzler solve the murder!

I actually didn’t get that far. The puzzle was kind of poor quality, and the lighting pretty dim in the cabin at night. So I guess we’ll never know!

Have you done this puzzle? Did you solve the murder? If so, please get in touch and let me know!

I left this at the cabin in hopes that the next group staying there might get a chance to solve the Sinister Smorgasbord.

I have no idea if this was complete, but it was vintage and a 1000 piecer.