Verticalville II

The long awaited sequel to the Verticalville puzzle from 1977! We have Verticalville II released in 1986.

It’s an even taller city that has grown upward, full of zany details just like the other, and was so much fun to put together. This is a puzzle that I’ll be able to do over and over, noticing something new every time.

It’s pretty hard to catch all the details in the photos, of course, it I’ll try and showcase a few close ups. Like the record store in the photo above!

I mentioned in the post that covers Verticalville (the first one) that I found a whole lot of vintage Springbok puzzles featuring Robert Blair Martin’s artwork at the Value Village one day. This is the last of them that have to post about.

My guess is, that these puzzles were all owned by the same person, who donated them at the same time. I mean what are the odds that almost the entire collection of Springbok Robert Martin puzzles were at the thrift store at the same time?

This previous owner clearly loved his art style and kept those puzzles in pristine condition! I was so lucky!

And that, my friends, is what I love about thrift shopping. Sometimes you lose and come home empty handed, other times, you stumble across a small treasure, and sometimes that treasure doesn’t even mean anything to the next person but to you, it’s priceless!

This is a 700 piece panoramic vintage Springbok puzzle from 1986 and it is complete. Otto looks very good with it as well!

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