The Between Meals Puzzle

Todays post is going to be a two-parter. I’ll be chatting about Springbok’s 1976 release – the Between Meals puzzle, pictured below.

This is classic kitsch Springbok for you. A collection of one item, over and over, laid out collage style, given some sort of punny or hilarious name. Classic large, flat box, green cardboard, perfect piece fit, smooth, glossy finish. I mean, how could I say “nah” when I saw this at the Value Village?

Well, obviously, I bought the puzzle. I opened it up last week for another fabulous Instagram Puzzle Along. These community events are quickly becoming a real favourite of mine. Puzzlers from around the world sharing their treasures with other puzzlers, while we all ooooh and ahhhh at each other’s puzzle photos. This one was Vintage Vibes – which meant vintage puzzles, puzzles from your childhood, puzzles that are new but have the nostalgia volume turned up high.

I was so excited to complete this one, the text, the Mr. Peanut graphic all over the place, and I really like Butterfinger. I think that it’s kind of the perfect chocolate bar, in my humble opinion.

The image on the front of the box was kind of faded, but the pieces were rich and vibrant. Would this puzzle be complete? Sadly, no. It was missing two pieces, buuuut I had a second chance!

Because, I have a second copy! And that is where I will leave this post for today, tune back in on Thursday to see what happens with the second copy of the Between Meals Puzzle.

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