The Between Meals Puzzle

Here we are again! I ended my last post with the news that I had another copy of the Between Meals Puzzle. I had found this copy at the exact same Value Village about a week and a half later. It was a déjà vu moment.

At first I was going to leave it behind, but then I started thinking… what if the copy I bought last week wasn’t complete and this one was? I could have another chance at getting a complete vintage copy in my collection. What if they were different piece cuts? I really wanted to know!

Ok, so good news… the first copy I bought was missing two pieces and the second copy I picked up was. I was pretty happy with my choice in the end. 🙂 In my last post I had pulled out some pieces from the first copy of the puzzle, I wanted to lay the framework puzzle over the complete copy to check out the cut, was it the same??

It turns out, that these puzzles are not the same cut as you can probably tell in the above photos, the images also don’t line up too well. I wonder if they are from the same year, how often did Springbok swap out their die cuts? All in all this was a fun experiment!

At least it made for some fun photos! My second copy was complete and in great shape!