Nutcrackers : A Christmas Collection

Having been a dancer and dance teacher for most of my adult life, I am very familiar with the Nutcracker Suite and the accompanying ballet. Do I love it? Does it make me nostalgic?

Well, mostly not and only a little bit yes. I don’t really like the ballet, I never have, there are so many more classical ballets that I personally prefer. Some of the music, I will say, is awesome.

I do think Nutcrackers are really cool though. I wonder where the tradition of nuts at Christmas time comes from? My guess is it’s meant to represent the abundance and excess in Winter.

Anyway, this is a Springbok from 1997, I was really drawn to it just because of the round shape. I knew it wasn’t a very old Springbok, but I hadn’t seen too many round puzzles from this era. I am once again participating in another Puzzle Along on Instagram, it’s a holiday theme this time around.

The puzzle is missing two pieces, is vintage and festive!


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