Critter’s Christmas – Le Noël des Animaux

Springbok had a series in their puzzle line called the “Puzzle PLUS Series” back in the 1980s and 90s. The purchaser would get a puzzle with some type of add on. There’s a very popular one called “Colour me Purrfect” that is a white and black drawing of cats, that comes with pencil crayons and once assembled, the puzzler gets to colour it in. I had actually found that one about a year ago and passed on it, because the previous owner had scribbled all over it. I’m sure I’ll come across it again sometime!

This particular puzzle PLUS was meant to come with a Christmas ornament, which is of course long gone.

I just found this little scene so cute! All of these vintage Christmas ornaments set out to create a fun little winter scene, too cute!

This puzzle was complete and even though I didn’t get the PLUS in this puzzle PLUS I was totally ok with that. Below you will find close ups of Critter’s Christmas .