I found another mini Christmas Impossipuzzle! Perhaps you remember last year’s Candy Cane puzzle? I found this at Value Village in Dartmouth a few months ago.

It was 100 pieces once again, and as you can see this was a bunch of Santa faces! Seeing as it was such a low piece count, it was pretty easy, I completed this one evening before dinner.

I hope that I find another one for next year! Time will tell 🙂

This is released by Funtime Games and it was still sealed, complete!


  1. What luck to find a new sealed puzzle at Value Village. 100 pieces seems doable for a tricky puzzle like this. I actually like that the pieces are all two-knob-two-hole, if the piece shapes were varied it would make this Impossipuzzle a lot less challenging.

    That vintage Critter’s Christmas puzzle you posted about on Dec 10 is sooooo painfully cute and festive!!

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    1. Hey @hurrayforpuzzles, thanks so much for the comment. I just turned on my comments, for some reason I had them turned off in the past? Who can really say why? Thanks for reading thus far, I love your WTF Wednesday series. There’s some really great ones there!

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      1. Thanks for the compliment on my WTF Wednesday posts. I have a *really* long WTF post that will be published this week — there’s over 20 puzzle boxes! I could have split that one forthcoming post into a few posts but I was so excited by the WTF-ness of it all and that all the puzzle boxes have the same theme.


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