A Merry Old Christmas

A Keepsake Puzzle by Bob Schneeberg. I looked up Bob Schneeberg, and wow! What a collage artist he was. I am fairly certain that he had created the collage for the puzzle Country Cottage from 1979. The style is pretty similar, but I can’t find an artist credit. He’s done a few more that Springbok released too, a lot of Christmas puzzles.

Speaking of Christmas! This beautiful 1500 piece Springbok puzzle was so much fun to piece together last week. There are so many little details to hunt for, it was so addictive.

Let’s talk about why I love this puzzle so much.

First, it’s a Springbok puzzle from 1983, it’s only one year younger than I am, ha ha! It’s in very good shape for its age, I can also tell that it has been assembled a few times over the years, but it has been cared for.

Another beautiful and rare feature to this puzzle, the GRID cut!? No wacky Springbok shapes here, it was cut like a classic, typical puzzle. Is that due to the larger piece count? In my experience, no. I’ve completed larger pieces count Springbok puzzles that were still a random cut puzzle. Who can say why? I have completed three Springboks that were cut on a grid and I’m mystified each time.

Another reason… Textile art! Omg, my favourite medium. Needle point, embroidery, the texture, it’s just so lovely and I can’t get enough.

And another point is all the detail. These little toys and found objects. Collage is another art form that I just can’t get enough of. With the larger piece count, this took me about a week to complete, I took my time with it, soaking up all those little details.

The Nutcrackers made another appearance this Christmas! I love this little row of toys at the bottom of the collage, so sweet.

This was another puzzle that I completed for the Holiday Puzzle Along this month on Instagram. I have one more Christmas puzzle to complete but I’m going to save that for the weekend. It’ll be posted next week!

This beauty was found at a vintage fair about a month ago from a great local vintage seller called Dalton House Vintage. We chatted a bit about old puzzles and the blog and their shop a bit. I’m sure I’ll find more puzzles at the next fair!

1500 pieces from 1983, complete!

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