Charley Harper – The Rocky Mountains

Who doesn’t love a Charley Harper image? The nature, the geometry, the patterns, it’s glorious!

This image is of an industrious little beaver whose home is somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. I recently finished a huge and very detailed puzzle, (stay tuned for a post on that next week!) and I wanted something simple but engaging.

Pomegranate will never let you down and Charley Harper’s style makes me smile from ear to ear, so this was the perfect choice for a relaxing puzzle palate cleanser.

I worked on this over a few days over my winter holiday, it was so nice! It was really great to have a bit of time off this week, I feel like we’ve just been going and going since the start of last year, that I really needed the chance to fully disconnect. I did some knitting, some puzzling, some thrifting. We were also able to get more organizing and cleaning done including….. my new puzzle shelf!

Stay tuned for my next post, I’m going to share some photos of how organized I am now! What did you do over the holidays?

I guess you could say that I was busy as a beaver?? Ha ha, not likely… but I had to!

This was found at the Value Village on Chain Lake drive, 1000 pieces but missing 3.

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