Bob’s Burgers – Storefront

Well, I took a turn from little, tiny, black and white lines and small bits of green and red to this fun and colourful puzzle of the characters from Bob’s Burgers.

I’m sure you’re thinking… Lina, do you watch Bob’s Burgers? No, I never did, actually. Not because I don’t like it, I just never made a point to watch it. I found this at Value Village a couple of months ago and decided to buy it because Joe really likes it. He’ll puzzle with me sometimes (which I love) but it has to be an image that Joe can really get into.

We put this together one evening, he put together the restaurant, the sign and the family. I called the jigsaw puzzle store and filled in all the darker surrounding bits. It was fun! I think Joe enjoyed it too.

This was released by the brand USAopoly, it had thinner pieces than my Golden Girls and Waldo puzzle, but it was pretty good quality. Besides, it was just a quick 500 piecer.

We’ll be passing this on to friends of ours, who are also big Bob’s Burgers fans, I think they’ll have fun with it!

I had to share a photo of this reference image! Ha ha, it’s so adorable and useful?

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