The Golden Girls

Another golden find at the thrift stores in Halifax!

The Golden Girls, a 1000 piece puzzle by USAopoly. I have found very few puzzles by this brand but they’re pretty enjoyable, a linen finish, a slightly loose fit, but snug enough that you can pick up the puzzle for a grand finale puzzle pick up.

This is the part where I confess that I didn’t really watch the Golden Girls. I know, I know…. It’s a classic, everyone watched it. We didn’t have cable when I was a kid, so I’d catch it only at my Grandma’s house, usually over the summer.

I’ve definitely seen episodes but I didn’t watch it in the sense that I don’t know the characters names. I remember the general attitudes and personalities of the characters but that’s about it. We tried to find where you can watch them online but we’ll have to do a better search.

You may be asking why I picked up this puzzle, if I didn’t really know much about the show? Well, I love the text and border on the box, which went around the puzzle, for one. I also remember thinking the show was funny as a kid and I do like Betty White, she seemed like a cool lady. It was actually very easy to spot her eyes in all the pieces, she really smiled with her eyes, I love it!

The puzzle is missing one piece, unfortunately – but on an arm, in the corner.

All in all this was a super fun puzzle to assemble, I chatted about TV shows from that era with Joe, and completed this over a few puzzle sessions (during a hurricane! Welcome to the East Coast). It is 1000 pieces, in great condition and missing one piece.

Look at this fabulous multi-coloured, multi-textured top!

Check out the Where’s Waldo: the Deep Sea Divers which is the only other USAopoly puzzle that I’ve done!

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