Coral Reef

My last puzzle was a little bit serious and as I mentioned, bleak. I was craving a bit of colour for my next puzzle.

What could be more colourful than diving in a coral reef? Joe picked this puzzle out for me for Christmas this year, (we actually discovered that our local dollar store was selling some Eeboo and Ravensburger puzzles for five bucks!) I loved assembling this, the corals were so fun to slowly piece together over the afternoon.

The artists name is Miranda Sofroniou, and I personally thought that this made for a super fun puzzle! It was certainly colourful, just what I wanted. Plus, the Eeboo quality is always lovely, their pieces are almost candy-like. They have a glossy coating that feels almost shellacked and the colours are always so saturated. They’re really gorgeous!

This is a 1000 piece puzzle by Eeboo Piece and Love, and it was my Christmas gift from Joe.


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