Over the weekend, there was an arctic airmass that came to visit this side of the continent. In some areas the temperatures were record breaking low, including here in Halifax. It got into the minus 20s with a minus 45 windchill. Apparently it hasn’t been that cold here since the 1960s.

I had to work in the afternoon on Saturday, but I decided that I would stay nice and cosy inside and do a puzzle. What better than a puzzle of popsicles? I love a frosty treat on a perfectly warm summer day, ice cream, popsicle, you name it!

The colours and fresh summer fruits in this puzzle just look so refreshing! This is a simple image but it really drew me in. I found this at Value Village in Dartmouth, I hadn’t seen this Cobble Hill puzzle before, and like I said, I was drawn in!

The puzzle was missing a piece, but I didn’t mind I had a great time assembling this on the coldest day of the season.

All in all, I quite like this colder weather, minus 45 is a bit extreme but if we’re looking at minus 10 to 15, I really like it! If you bundle up, which I love wearing all my home knits, it’s super refreshing. Then when you get inside and it’s warm and sheltered, it’s such a cosy feeling. My kitties have also been snuggling in close, which is never a bad thing!

This puzzle was 1000 pieces, by Cobble Hill – one of my favourite brands – and missing one piece. I’ve since dropped it back off to the thrift store.

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  1. What a fun and colorful puzzle! I love popsicles in the summer time!

    I’m sure this puzzle was released in the past few years or so but there’s just something about it (in a good way) that makes it look much, much older.

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