Vintage Advertisements

Ahhhh, to be an ad exec in the 1950s! I guess this is why the show Mad Men was so popular. What a moment in time, trying to sell, sell, sell! The psychology, the culture of the era, the fashion, it’s all so fascinating.

I love all the angles used in this collection of vintage graphics, delicious with bananas, a cool meal in the hot summer, your boys will grow into strong men, they really went for it all. This puzzle had me thinking about what ads I grew up with. Tony the Tiger bobsledding during the Winter Olympics, that was a memorable one for me.

I remember thinking for years that Special K cereal was a diet food, like those ensure shakes. Of course now when I’m shopping, I’m not heading down the cereal aisle if I’m looking for the “healthy stuff”. Don’t get me wrong, I love cereal, and we are totally cereal people, but I can’t believe that some of these used to marketed as weight loss foods, or sports nutrition!

Look at this kid! It’s ridiculous and so great at the same time.

This was a super fun puzzle to put together, a collage puzzle is always a fun time, and the text and campy pictures made it all the better. This is a Karmin International puzzle, or KI as they seem to be branding their puzzles these days. I found it at the thrift store, the box had been opened but the bag of pieces was still factory sealed.

I’m pretty sure these are available at some dollar stores but I still find it so surprising that people buy the puzzle, open the box and decide against actually putting it together. Oh well, more fun for me!

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