South Mountain Village

A while back, my friend Shelby, loaned me a puzzle to do for the blog. Do you remember Forever Apples Farm?

That was painted by an artist named Ann Stookey, and so is this one! Another wholesome, nostalgic depiction of a simpler time. Pretty houses tucked away in nature, people busy with their everyday chores.

This is another Karmin International Puzzle, it’s actually meant to be a Spot the Difference Puzzle but I have to say that was a bit unsuccessful.

As you can no doubt see, the box doesn’t show the full image. There is a poster inside that has both the images on it, they are side by side and labelled so strangely that I was not sure which one was meant to be the “different” one.

I didn’t really mind though, because I wasn’t in it for the spot the difference game but merely the puzzle. We found this one in our lobby as well, so for a freebie, it was great! It served its purpose.

It was missing one piece, exactly in the middle.

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