100 Great Words

Keeping on the colourful and busy train, I decided to pull out this very fun typography, vocab puzzle by Eeboo that I picked up at the Dollar Store about a month ago.

At first when I saw this puzzle, I actually thought it was kind of ugly, I thought that the colours didn’t suit each other well. But it slowly grew on me and I kept thinking about it. When I found it at the dollar store for five bucks, I figured Why not grab it?

It’s fun to assemble text in a puzzle, it was extra fun to assemble text that was laid out in a grid in a round puzzle! An unexpected mild, very mild, challenge.

Lately, I’ve had Mondays off work, and I have been loving it. I work a little longer on Tuesday thru Friday, and on Mondays I clean, and bake, and do puzzles, guilt free! I’m not sure that I’ll be able to keep this going for much longer, but right now, I am soaking it up!

This all came together in about 2 hours, it wasn’t hard and I knew it wasn’t going to be. It was just pure fun!

Inside the cover of the box – each word word is listed and defined. I love that feature, it’s such a smart add on to a puzzle like this.

All in all, my Monday was great, I baked banana bread, organized our pantry shelves, did my ironing and assembled a fun quick puzzle.

This puzzle was manufactured by Eeboo, purchased new at the dollar store, 500 pieces and complete.


  1. You are so lucky that your Dollarama stocks eeBoo puzzles (or at least has certain eeBoo puzzles at deep discounts!) In the USA we have a few chains that are similiar to Dollarama but they do not stock eeBoo puzzles. Well I take that back, one does, Tuesday Morning, but most stores nationwide are closing 😦


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