Six Interlocking Jigsaw Puzzles

What a find, what a find, what a FIND!

I finally joined the car co-op here in Halifax, the weather is getting nicer and we want to start exploring the area a bit more, so the co-op was the best choice for us.

We reserved a car on Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend and ran errands and explored a little more of Dartmouth and the HRM. We also checked out a local flea market, called the Funky Flea. It was so fun, it reminded me a lot of the flea market in Vancouver, (Joe and I went on a date there pretty early on. It was nice!)

At one of the tables, that had a bit more of curated selection of vintage items, I found this super cool box, and when I opened it up these six beautiful puzzles in tubes were waiting inside to show off their beautiful colours!

This was priced at 20 bucks, which I was hesitating over but we did a little walk around and I didn’t find anything else so I went back. I offered the guy 12 dollars and he agreed to the price. He said he’d had it for ages and no one ever picked it up!

Now, I’d like to pause and remind you of two vintage puzzles in similar tubes that I had found at Value Village last year. They were pretty beaten up and the Alice puzzle had clearly been someone’s favourite!

I had tried searching for them online at the time but with no luck, there was no manufacturer listed on the tubes and they simply said “Jigsaw”. Well, this man at the flea market shone some light on these!

There was a company called Regal Stationary Co. They had catalogues and their products were sold by representatives – like Avon products. These puzzles were made in Canada by Regal. The vendor’s mom or possibly aunt? I forget… was a sales rep! Regal was started in 1928 and finally dissolved in 2016, it does look like they were bought up and reestablished by another company called Golda’s Kitchen.

He also confirmed that this was untouched, brand new. He doesn’t know when it came from, he guessed early 80s but I really think that they’re older.

Now when you search for Regal, still very little comes up, but I found a similar set online that actually had the two puzzles I found last year plus four more. That set was listed for $140! I’m not into vintage puzzle collecting for the money, I want to make that very clear. I just really love the graphics from the time and I think that old puzzles are great quality and look so cool. But I cannot believe that someone would spend that much money on 6 kids puzzles!

These puzzles are indeed complete, in brand new condition and such a special find. I can’t wait for more adventures!


  1. Wow, Lina, what an awesome find!! I would have been doing a happy dance all around the flea market if I had found those! 😂😂 They’re definitely a treasure, the colors are so bright and the graphics are adorable! ☺️


    1. Thanks Michelle! To be honest, I didn’t know what I had at the flea market. When I brought them home and saw them in better light, I was overjoyed that I had bought them! Thanks for reading my blog post 🙂


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